Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crafting Update!

Hey guys!

It has taken me longer than expected to get this post to you due to my internet being very temperamental lately :/ but I'm pleased to say, here, now, finally, is my crafty update!

I thought I would start by showing you all the stuff I made whilst I was on holiday :)

First up I made three pieces of bunting for my knitting group. If you can remember my previous post they are trying to make a really long string in celebration for the Olympics and set a world record too!

The dotty piece was the most difficult. I had to kind of make up where to put the dots as I went along because the pattern was only for a plain piece, there were pictures of dotty pieces though so that helped a bit. I brought them to the group along with some sweets I got from Cyprus and a kids knit book for people to have a look at. All the ladies are soo nice at the group, they really liked my bunting and were also very interested in my finished DAL gloves, which I wore to the group to show them now they were finished as they were the project I was working on last time :) Also whilst on holiday I managed to finish some more innocent hats and two more cross stitch kits:

I really like the way my ice cream hat design came out and I also love the hat with two colour pom-pom, I think the colours make it look kind of royal :-) So far I have made 15 hats but I am aiming for 25 by October!

The monkey cross stitch kit required me to do some french knots which were very difficult at first.  In the end I managed to get them though which I am really pleased about as now I can try more challenging kits and can use them along with other stitches to make pretty borders etc... around some of the other designs I have stitched :D

I haven't really decided what I am going to do with all my finished stitchlet kits yet, at the moment I am thinking of making some kind of wall hanging but first I am going to finish my bat and cat-under-snow kits.

That's all the stuff I made whilst I was away,  I was in the swimming pool all the other time! Now for the stuff I have made since I got back :)

Mainly I have been doing a lot of sewing lately in my ongoing attempt to broaden my crafty skills! I picked up a book from the library about how to sew your own fleecy monsters and thought I would give one a go. I decided to make this little cutie called 'Prudence':

I didn't have any fleece so I made her from a pretty patterned washcloth I picked up once in a store  (I knew if I bought it and saved it one day I would find the perfect project for it!) Prudence sleeps next to red nose day monster now in my bed with all my other cuddly toys :0)

Today I finished the pencil case I have been sewing myself ready for when I go back to school (which Is tomorrow so I just made it! Hehhe :) I am sooo happy with it! :D I was like a nervous wreck at the sewing machine, I had spent so long applique-ing the little bird so didn't want to ruin the whole thing!

Luckily it also fits everything in it :0) The pattern was from a book my mum and dad got me for Christmas called 'Fast Fabric Gifts'.

I also finished this big bow headband today which I may or may not wear for my first day, I like it LOTS but it is very, very, BIG! and I don't want to be told to take it off because the people sat behind me can't see the board, lol :D

And finally the last thing in my crafty update, this random Hello Kitty necklace I made from the top of a broken HK Pez and some bits and pieces I had lying around:

I think it's quite funky! :0) I will be wearing it to school sometime when I find an outfit it goes well with. That's the positive side of now being in 6th form, you can wear whatever you like :)

Well that's it for my (huge!!!!, sorry :) crafting update, See you soon


P.s don't forget to enter the holiday giveaway! There is only three days left so don't miss out :D

Bye :0)


  1. Great post Jordan! Love the smoothie hats- the ice cream one is so yummy! The bunting looks great, what a fab idea. Your cross stitch kits are excellent- the french knots on the monkey look perfect! I'm glad you learnt something new from that kit, hehe. The HK necklace is very funky indeed and you must wear the headband sometime... but perhaps when you're sitting at the back of the class!! Lol. The pencil case is absolutely *stunning*! I love the applique. And the fleecy monster is the cutest thing ever!! Good luck with your first day back at school- what subjects have you taken for A level? Laura x

  2. Wow, I wish I could work through so much crafting like you do!

  3. Wow, you make some amazing things Jordan! I especially love the pencil case and lil monster - very cute! :D
    Good luck back at school.
    Allie x

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you really very talented..so many lovely things..
    good luck for the back at school..hugs xx

  5. Chaucers Aunty: Thanks!!! :) I really enjoyed that kit and definately did learn from it :) In the end I was brave enough to put on my headband!!!! Which I am very pleased about as it was school pictures day today :D

    For A-Level I chose Business and economics, physics, maths and psychology.

    Have fun on your honeymoon xxx

    Knittinggirl: hehhehhe, thanks :) you will be able to when it gets to your holiday time! :D

    alliecat: Thank you! I had a good day :)

    Cucki: Thank you so much :-) My first day was very good, I wore my bow! :0)

  6. Wow, that's an impressive set of A levels!!!

  7. Homg, so many crafts! I love the ice cream hat - is that a pattern, or did you make it up! I need to make some when my knitting group makes baby hats this year!

  8. One week to go! :)

  9. Chaucer's Aunty: Hahaha, thank you :) You should see the people doing 3 sciences, maths and another one! Lol

    Alyssa: Thanks, I made up thhe intarsia sauce, cherry and cream pattern but the actual plain mini hat pattern is not my own. If you type in innocent smoothies big knit you will find the pattern :)

    Knittinggirl: Oooohh I bet you are really excited!XD


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