Sunday, 18 September 2011

Plaster protectors - Free pattern! :)

Hey everybody,

Now everything is settling back into routine what with school work and everything I've had time to whip up the pattern for something I came up with the idea for a while ago: A Plaster protector!

Don't worry, I don't have that many boo boos :) Hehhee I'm just modelling them all!
If you are a bit confused, don't worry I will explain :) In my house we only ever have the beige/tan boring plasters, never the Hello Kitty, Winne the pooh or character plasters (mainly because they are really expensive and my dad and brother wouldn't want to use HK plasters, lol!) Every time I end up getting a paper cut etc... I try to decorate my plaster with stickers, doodles and all kinds of other stuff but nothing ever works (I'm not crazy I just like pretty stuff!). My plaster also usually ends up getting stuck to my hair whenever adjust my fringe and it and eventually falls off :/

So.... to solve this problem I came up with the plaster protector, a cute little snuggly cozy which you slip on your poor injured finger over your plain, boring plaster to make it look much more fabulous and interesting and stop it from sticking to your hair and clothes! :D

And here is how to make your own so you too can solve all your plaster related problems (If you have any like I do! :-)

You will need:
  • 3.25 mm knitting needles
  • Small amounts of any chosen colour DK yarn
  • A darning needle
  • and a pair of scissors
Basic Pattern:

Using 3.25mm knitting needles and the main colour DK yarn cast on 16sts for medium size: to fit index finger, middle finger, ring finger and thumb. Or cast on 14sts for small size: to fit little finger or smaller childs hand. (To adapt the pattern to fit larger or very small hands just takeaway or add one or two sts to either end accordingly and work as normal.)

Row 1-2: *K1, P1* repeat across
Row 3-9: Stst (begin with a k row)
Row 10: *K1, P1* repeat across

Then Cast off in K1, P1 ribbing (cast off in pattern) and fasten off.

Charts for designs:

The basic pattern makes a single colour plaster protector but you can get as creative as you want and decorate them with whatever you like! :) For example by doing rows in alternating colours you can make a stripy one :0) Below I have included the charts for how to make the heart one and the skull one shown in the picture. (Use the basic pattern along with the charts to get your chosen design :)

Heart chart:

Skull chart:

Making up:

Sew up seam at back of plaster protector to create ring which you can slide over your finger, then darn in any loose ends.
All done! :D

I hope you like my little pattern ! :D

See you all soon,

Bye :)

  • st(s) = Stitch(es)
  • K = Knit
  • P = Purl
  • Stst = stocking stitch (K 1 row, P 1 row)
  • ** = repeat what is in stars across row


  1. Haha, very clever! Nice hand modelling too by the way :)

  2. Theyre cute!! Good idea, Jordan :)

  3. Super cute! At the store I shop at the specialty bandages are cheaper then the plain ones! W and I take turns picking them out. Right now we're on fairy!

  4. Hehe great idea Jordan! ;-) Just parcelled up your birthday presents too... posting them tomorrow, woo! I'm excited to see if you like them!

  5. so cute..i love them so much..thank you so much for the patten..
    love and hugs xx

  6. Knittinggirl: Thanks, Hahaha :0)

    alliecat: Thanks, I thought everyone would think I am crazy! :0)

    Alyssa: Thank you! You are very lucky :D Everywhere I shop they are at least double the price. I bet W is happy with the fairy ones! XD

    Chaucer's aunty: Ooooooohhh! Thank you, I can't wait to see them!!! Thanks again! :D xxxx

    cucki: Thanks, I'm glad you like them :) xxx

  7. Awesome Pattern! Thanks for patterns I would wear one all the time like a ring!

  8. Youngncrafty: Thanks :0) Hehehe, they are very comfy! :D

  9. I have never heard of a band-aid being called a plaster! I was so confused when I started reading your post lol Can you guess I'm american? lol this is really a great idea, its so hard to keep a band-aid on a paper cut! Thank-you for sharing your pattern =D

  10. Iesadora: Hehehe, don't worry! :0) Im glad you like the pattern :D xxx

  11. This is actually a really neat idea...i admit i was a bit confused when i read 'plaster protectors' but then i realized DUH band-aids or boo-boo helpers as my mom called them ;) i was wondering if i could possibly do some up in crochet? let me know!!

  12. Nikka: Sure, go for it! :) Im glad you like them :0)


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