Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lucky me!


It's fast approaching my birthday (woooo!) so on Friday I had a party with 3 of my friends, it was very fun, we played monopoly and had pizza :P (I also got some special Hello kitty plates to eat the pizza off of! ahhaha so cute!). One of my friends gave me my present (well actually 2) early and I couldn't resist opening them, they were calling me! My first present was a stick of rock she had got me from her trip to Brighton (in a mystery flavour!!! :D) And the other present she got me was a lovely stylish mini 4 draw storage box for me to put my crafty bits and bobs in, psychicly she must have known I was running out of storage space! :-)

... But thats not all she also put a little gift in each draw of the box! :D How lucky am I! In draw 1 she had put a few sets of beads, and very thoughtfully in the colour black so I can use them for eyes on my amigurumi (currently I have to paint brown and pink beads to get black eyes!)

In draw 2 was possibly the coolest eraser you have ever seen.... :-) A big mushroom!

My friend is so generous, I still can't believe she even filled all the draws with gifts <3 In draw 3 was something I have never, ever seen before:

Mini love hearts! I really like love hearts but I didn't even know they made mini ones so I got pretty excited, they are sooo cute :D

And last, but definitely not least, in draw 4 was a handmade paper crane chain for me to give me luck :) I love it <3 It is so pretty and it means so much that she made it for me :0) I have hung it up in my room now so I can see it everyday!

So cool! XD

Also recently my nan came round and she bought lots of ribbon she had been given by someone and she asked me if I would like it!!! There was tons of it and as many of you will know it is really expensive in craft shops so I was thrilled. Look!:

I especially love the brown dotty one and there is almost a whole roll! My brain started whirring when I saw it, thinking of all the things I could make with it. My nan also brought me round three balls of red wool, one ball of yellow wool and a knitting and crochet stitch book she had been given too, I felt spoilt :0)

And if the lovely birthday gift and crafty donations weren't enough I also was recently chosen as one of the lucky random DAL winners for the summer challenge on Ravelry! I have won some pretty mystery stitch markers which I will post about when they arrive :) I also got this badge to put on my blog, made by Alyoops herself  (the DAL group creator):

I have submitted my pictures of inspiration for this round but am currently stuck between a few different designs for my final choice to make, I think I have nearly decided though. When I have finally, definitely, chosen I will be posting my sketch for you all to see!

I hope everyone is having a nice week,
See you soon!

Au revoir :-) xxx


  1. Happy birthday Jordan, sounds like you had a great night, and got some lovely prezzies!! :)
    Well done on the award too.
    Allie xo

  2. happy birthday dear jordan..sound like you had a fun time..i love your presents.
    congratulations for the award xx

  3. alliecat: Thank you :D It's not my real birthday till wednesday but I usually have my party early xxx

    Cucki: Thankyou!!! :0)

  4. Aaw, your friend sounds so nice! Congrats on the award too.

    Two weeks and three days til my birthday!

  5. Knittinggirl: She is very nice :) Thanks!
    It's not to far away then :0), mines tommorrow now, im sooo excited!

  6. Happeee birthday Jordan! :)

    How old will you be? (If you don't mind me asking).

  7. Hehehe thanks! :) I am now 17! :D


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