Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lovely birthday package! :D


Today I got home from school to find a very large parcel waiting for me :) It was a birthday gift from the very lovely (and newly-wed! :) Laura from Cute Crocheted Creations.

Excitedly I opened the parcel to find all these wonderful gifts!!!!:

All my presents were wrapped in cute dinosaur wrapping paper and Laura even included a little goody bag from her wedding containing some of the beautiful leaves that her mum made which decorated the wedding tables :-)

Here are some of my gifts up close :0):

I love these two guys, they are soo sweet! I'm putting them on my school bag zip to make me smile every day :)

Laura also made me this cool charm, and pair of stitch markers which will come in
 very handy when making amigurumi!

Here is the little wedding goody bag <3

The socks are so darn cute! and really snuggly too :0) And I was like 'WOW!' when I saw the lemon scented embroidery thread :P

I've already started thinking of what projects to use all these buttons and charms on, my fave is the little silver froggy! I had to carry all of them to my room in the cute lemon purse to prevent losing any of them!

Laura Started me on cross stitch and now she is helping me continue by adding to my cross stitch kit stash! :o)  I was really happy when I saw the little Hello Kitty figure as I have a mini collection of them and now I have one more!

Thank you Laura for all the amazing gifts!!! The parcel made my day :D

I'm off now to admire all my prezzies from afar as I finish my homework. Then I'm off to go an be a guide at the open evening at school for upcoming year 7's :)

See you all soon, bye!



  1. Woohoo! I am so glad that you like everything!!! :D Makes up for it being late, whoops!!

  2. PS I love the froggy charms too, I bought those recently and I love them! And the socks just said 'Jordan' to me! Hehe ;-)

  3. wow..very lovely gift..everything is so pretty..have fun dear xx

  4. Wow, even more prezzies to add to your stash!

    Aaw, I love those panda socks!

  5. Cool presents! Did you get my package yet? :)

  6. Chaucer's aunty: I dont just like it all I love it!! <3 Yes, the socks really are me! hehhe :D

    Thanks again, you are soo generous xxx :0)

    Cucki: I will! :D xxx

    Knittinggirl: I know! I am soo lucky :)

    Alyssa: No, not yet :/ But don't worry I know how slow the post can be especially overseas. I will post about my prize as soon as I get it! :)

    Thanks xxx


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