Thursday, 22 September 2011

Swap parcel and a prize package! :)


The day after I got my lovely birthday present from Laura the postman delivered my cute 'n' quirky swap parcel from Odds0cks! :D This months theme was sweets and treats, here's what I got!:

  • 2 lengths of pretty flower ribbon
  • A pack of jelly beans and some tasty fudge! (YUM! :P)
  • A cute cupcake birthday card
  • A pack very cool ice lolly/ice cream buttons :)
  • And an ultra kawaii amigurumi sweetie key chain designed and made by Odds0cks! :3

These are gunna be sooo great for adding to amigurumis!

Isn't he just soo sweet! I named him Tommy the Toffee :-) I have put him on my school bag zip too along with the twin cherries, they are my mini ami crew! :)

Thank you Odds0cks!!!! I love everything <3

Oddsocks has a blog which is really cute and I advise you definitely check it out as she said she might even put up the cute sweetie amigurumi pattern sometime!:

And if that wasn't enough great post already, today I got my special prize for being one of the winners of the summer DAL on Ravelry! (Heehe, it was such a coincidence Alyssa asked me if it had arived yet yesterday!)

Aren't these some of the coolest stitch markers you have ever seen? :0)

The DAL is run by Alyssa, from and this lovely prize was provided Stephcuddles, so thank you to both of you!

If you are jealous of my fab stitch markers (heheehe :)  you can visit Stephcuddles etsy shop where she has a huge range of uber cute stitch markers including the mini mug and cream cake ones above I was lucky enough to win: You can also visit her blog which is really cool too:

I wonder what the postman will bring tomorrow, lol! :0P

See you all soon,

Bye! xXx


  1. Tommy the Toffee is an awesome name! Love it! :)

  2. aww lucky girl..i love everything so so much..
    tommy the toffee is a very sweet name..
    keep well dear and have a lovely time xx

  3. Oh wow, that ami is sooo cute! Hope Katie does post the pattern up, I'd make it straight away! Fab parcel! And what *brilliant* stitchmarkers, I am totally going to check out that Etsy shop!! And well done again for winning the DAL!

  4. Hehe, I used to have a mug that looked almost exactly like the stitch marker ones.

    This blog has extremely awesome charms as well!

  5. Odds0cks: Hehe, thanka again for my parcel! Im glad you like the name :D xxx

    cucki: I know, I really have been very lucky! :0) thanks, xXx

    Chaucer's aunty: The pattern is now up on 0ddsocks blog!!! I will definately be making a tina toffee for Tommy, lol! Thank you :)

    Knittinggirl: Hehehe :) Cool I will check it out, thanks xxx :-)

  6. So glad you like the stitch markers! :)


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