Friday, 9 September 2011

Holiday giveaway winner!

Hello guys!

Entries are now closed for the Cyprus holiday giveaway and the winner, chosen this time by the random number generator is.........


(Number generator from used )

Congratulations Laura! :)

 I have emailed you and will get your prize in the post to you as soon as possible :-)

Don't worry if you didn't win this giveaway as of course there will be other ones coming up shortly!!!

See you all very soon,

Byeeeeee x :0) x


  1. Congrats Laura!

    In other news, I've also won a giveaway on a different knitting blog :)

    Free yarn and a mystery prize.

  2. Knittinggirl: Lucky you! How exciting :D

  3. Laura? As in me?!! I will be so excited if so....

  4. Chaucer's aunty: Yes it is you! :0) I sent you an email through Ravelry to tell you. You can be excited! Lol :D


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